Philadelphia Google My Business Photographer

Did you know that by adding photos including a 360 view of your business location can increase your visibility online? Adding photos and videos to your Google My Business Location is a powerful business tool for your business and SEO! 

It's Simple, Easy, Effective and Google My Business Loves It 

A Google My Business Photographer like TastySERPS can showcase your business to Google and the people that are searching for your service or location. Listings with a virtual tour or photos are proven to generate twice as much interest to those that have no Google My Business photos or no business photos.   

Philadelphia Google My Business Photographer

Google My Business Photographer vs.
A Cell Phone Photo

You might be thinking why should I higher a professional photographer when I have my latest iPhone or Andriod device. Well, the answer is quite simple, there's more to this than meets the eye. Sure, taking a photo nowadays is very simple and uploading it to a platform isn't rocket science. But the picture you capture may not grab the essence of your company, service or product. 

A Google My Business Photographer is a professional photographer that has equipment and skills to capture everything perfectly. This is why you may hire a headshot photographer, event photographer, or videographer to capture the lighting, shadows, curves, 

Plus, when you upload photos to Google My Business, you will want to optimize them by add naming conventions and alternative texts, which will help your Google My Business Photos appear higher over your competitors. 

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